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Escondido PAL Kids vs Adults

Every year we host our annual basketball game fundraiser "Keepin' 'em of the streets!"to show off our hardworking PAL members in an intense game against the adults! While the game does get quite intense, our members pride themselves on having fun and prioritizing good character as well as great sportsmanship

Coach Frank and his team ______

Coach Frank has won many championships in his time, but it doesn't come from one superstar! Coach Frank values teamwork, character development, and attitude above skill. With these crucial life values, his team becomes unstoppable!

Escondido PAL "E-FORCE" Travel Team 2019

Escondido PAL hosts a travel basketball team that competes throughout San Diego County. The team consists of many star players, guided by Coach Maxwell Hutchinson. Each player is held accountable to demonstrating PAL values and they each do a great job of representing their community team.

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