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Al Owens, Director

Al Owens has been in charge of Escondido PAL for 10 years. With the resources of volunteers and donors, Al has been able to provide a strong sense of community for all that are involved. We pride ourselves on putting the community first, to ensure a safe space for all who participate at PAL. Thank you to those who participate, volunteer, and provide resources so we can continue to grow the children of our future.


PAL gave out its first Volunteer of the Year Award to Dee Russell. There was no better choice. Dee works relentlessly to improve the lives of others and she never says a cruel word against anyone. Everyone loves Dee. Hats off to you Dee. This is your day.


Al Owens & Dee Russell


We are proud to have volunteers that understand and appreciate the PAL Standard. Our volunteers strive to be the best they can be so our members can have someone to look up to, and more importantly, someone to talk to.

Our Volunteers

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